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Posts by Amy Gehling

SPN Funny Page: “The Vanity Survey” by Growthology Lab

Read More: –– Amy Gehling is the founder of Story Seven, a consulting firm that helps clients build and communicate their brands with strategic and visual thinking tools. Since founding Story Seven, Amy has worked with a variety of organizations in tech, innovation, and community builders. Through her work she has been inspired to…

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What is an ecosystem: A Sioux Falls ecosystem report

“Ecosystem” and “ecosystem building” have been hot terms in the world of entrepreneurial development lately. As cities begin to realize that fostering entrepreneurship is a great economic tool for growth; new strategies are being developed to make cities more “entrepreneur-friendly.” One of the first questions community builders should be asking is how they can assess…

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SPN Funny Page: “The Target Customer” by Growthology Lab

You should have a target customer. In fact, I fully believe you should pretend your target customer is an actual person. This is called a customer avatar, which is basically an imaginary friend for your business. Like an imaginary friend, you should understand what your avatar likes, dislikes, what motivates them, and what they need.…

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SPN Funny Page: The Hustle Fallout by Growthology Lab

It’s true, coffee can be a miracle. However, there is only so much caffeine can do to cover up poor rest patterns and behavior. I do not and will never campaign for inaction or laziness and when I denounce the “hustle” I am not saying that dedication to your work isn’t important to creating something…

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SPN Funny Page: The Everything Elixir by Amy Gehling

Let’s face it. Most of us do not fit into one category of talents and skillsets. In the age of information where it is easier than ever to learn something new it is tempting to say we can take on everything and do everything. But here’s the catch… Read more –– Amy Gehling is the…

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