What will Omaha’s new digital library mean for startups?

By SPN Team / March 16, 2015

Omaha’s first digital library will offer experimental maker technology to the public–including entrepreneurs, according to Rebecca Stavick, the library’s new executive director. “This place will directly support entrepreneurs,” said Stavick. “This will be a perfect place for coworking, high-speed internet, and prototyping on 3D printers.”

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Building the Silicon Prairie: Where we go from here

By SPN Team / March 12, 2015

“As one of the few seed venture capital firms in the Silicon Prairie, Dundee Venture Capital has been lucky enough to see first-hand some of the incredible changes happening here the last several years, and to invest in many of the companies driving those changes. We are witnessing an era where the next Fortune 500s that will anchor our cities for decades to come are being built right in front of us.”

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David Arnold on the Omaha Model for accelerators

By David Arnold / March 4, 2015

Top tier accelerators like Techstars and YCombinator have built brands based on high-quality results that have generated interest from startups and investors without the need for significant outreach or effort. Due to their success the nation has seen similar programs pop up in each state, and we’re now experiencing increased segmentation between those in rare air and everyone else who’s left competing for the startups who don’t get accepted to the premier programs.

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Better Know A Developer: Jeff Hale, Agilx

By SPN Team / March 2, 2015

This is the first in our series Better Know A Developer, in which we go behind the scenes at some of the Midwest’s best startups. This week we met with Jeff Hale, CTO at Agilx, in his office at the Nebraska Technology Park in Lincoln.

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#BangTheDrum with Bulu Box Founder Paul Jarrett

By SPN Team / February 26, 2015

If you’ve been following me on social media in the past 2 years (probably because I inappropriately “friended” you) you have probably heard me talking about “The Bulu Crew” and what we’re doing at Bulu Box amidst the various ramblings of a highly-over-caffeinated entrepreneur. Thanks to my social marketing networking skills I’ve caught myself beating the drum about a range of topics here in the Silicon Prairie.

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Omaha Code School leads discussion on creating inclusive tech events

By SPN Team / February 25, 2015

On October 25 Rahul Gupta and Beth Haubert led an evening round table discussion at the Omaha Code School on diversity in tech and creating safe and inclusive events. Joe Gerstandt, who was slated to lead the dialogue, was unable to attend. Over 20 people attended the event, mostly current code school students and local event organizers. The idea for a conversation started as a Twitter conversation about increasing diversity at local tech events. However, the evening was primarily driven by recent incidents that occurred during the recent Startup Weekend event.

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NMotion accelerator sees 25% increase in applicants

By SPN Team / February 25, 2015

With only two weeks left for applications, Brian Ardinger, managing director of the NMotion accelerator, says they have seen a 25% increase in applications this year compared to last. Ardinger attributes the growth to the strengthening Midwest ecosystem and their alumni teams, including QuantifiedAg, MusicSpoke, Mowdo, FanStreamm, Nobl and HipPocket.

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What’s new at Straight Shot this year?

By SPN Team / February 24, 2015

The Omaha-based Straight Shot accelerator is now accepting applications for its third year program. David Arnold, Managing Director of Straight Shot, is excited about what’s new this summer. “I think we’re ready to take some big steps and do some innovative things with the types of companies we bring in as well as the accelerator model itself,” said Arnold.

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We’re back. Ready?

By SPN Team / February 23, 2015

The genius of SPN has always been personal relationships within the community. It’s essential that we listen closely to the community, find out what the community needs, and then design SPN for you. The need for something like SPN is clear; the demand for a better SPN is equally clear. The community is growing, and SPN needs to grow with it.

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