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Corporate Innovation


Midwest eSports puts the “sport” in video gaming

By SPN Team / April 23, 2019

Video gaming has always been a fiercely competitive pastime. Those who are old enough surely remember hunkering down into a game after school and bickering with their siblings over the Atari joystick for a crack at Pitfall! or Frogger. (For those who are too young to have relished in the joy of the successful virtual…

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TruckPark gears up to launch parking app for truck drivers

By SPN Team / April 22, 2019

  TruckPark is set to launch its TruckPark App on Monday, May 6, bringing the company’s parking platform live to truck drivers over the road. TruckPark is a real-time inventory management and booking platform that connects truck drivers with safe and available parking along their routes. The company is based in Chicago, the nation’s third…

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