Amy Emmerich at Big Omaha: “Success is not a ladder” [Video]

By SPN Team / July 25, 2016

Amy Emmerich of Refinery29 spoke at Big Omaha 2016 about her childhood in Queens, her work on HBO’s Cathouse, and why she decided to become Chief Content Officer at Refinery29. She also discussed the lessons she has learned along the way. “I don’t think success is a ladder,” said Emmerich. “You have to take chances every which way you…

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Lienwaivers.io streamlines lien waivers for the construction industry

By SPN Team / July 22, 2016

Luis Trejo, CRO & co-founder of lienwaivers.io, was working as a controller for a regional construction firm in Sioux City when he noticed a need for a better lien waiver process. “He came to me with a problem and originally we built a spreadsheet essentially that helped him generate lien waivers faster,” said Geoff Arnold,…

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Finally! Rent your unused tools with T’Work

By Rod Armstrong / July 21, 2016

Remember that hammer drill you bought, used once, and stored away to collect dust? What if you could make some money by renting it out? Lincoln, Nebraska, startup T’Work is making it possible. “We want to be a platform that makes people aware of the inventory on their street and brings two parties together,” said…

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Bric brings the power of predictive analytics to creative agencies

By SPN Team / July 20, 2016

Bric turns traditional time sheets and project management into a powerful predictive tool for creatives. Since leaving the Straight Shot accelerator last fall, Bric has been enhancing their project planning platform for creative agencies. In January they launched a new version of their software platform that included time tracking as well as integration with other…

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AgriSync seeks to end agricultural downtime

By Chris Hegarty / July 19, 2016

When a piece of tech breaks in the city, you can find help within minutes. When it breaks on a farm, you may be in for a long wait. Farming involves way more technology than most people realize, and it can be an unfortunate situation for farmers when that tech fails. Rural locations mean the…

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Hookline wants to transform the property management industry

By SPN Team / July 15, 2016

Three years ago Zane Jones was managing apartments when he decided to take an IT innovation class at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “[The class] wasn’t about coding or doing technology, it was more about figuring out the right things to build and being more creative,” said Zane Jones, founder and president of Hookline.…

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QA with ReviewCloud’s Todd Long and David Weisser on startup incubation inside corporate

By Rod Armstrong / July 14, 2016

Kidwell Companies, a Lincoln-based electrical, data cabling and networking firm, has been around for 70 years. Over the past 20 years, they have spun out 6 different companies through acquisition or internal development. ReviewCloud is among the most recent startups emerging from Kidwell’s corporate innovation process. SPN sat down with Director of Innovation Todd Long and…

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A Multi-Local Manifesto

By SPN Team / July 13, 2016

I recently decided to move from Sioux Falls to Omaha. The decision was made rather quickly and executed within a month. When I announced the move to my adopted Sioux Falls community I was greeted with great support and encouragement, mingled with some disappointment. I reassured my community that this was not a goodbye, just…

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5 questions with HDC keynote Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

By SPN Team / July 12, 2016

Author, consultant and entrepreneur Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack will be the keynote speaker at this year’s HDC conference on September 7-9. She is co-founder and CEO of Fizzmint and the author of Women In Tech. SPN caught up with Wheeler Van Vlack last week over the phone. SPN: What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as co-founder of…

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