Fourstarzz Media: fueling the growth of influencer marketing

By Justin Krug / August 13, 2019

Over the past 50 years, business marketing strategies have changed substantially. But there has always been one constant – the power of word-of-mouth marketing. People talking to people has always been one of the most impactful marketing methods.  The rise in social media personalities has hence sparked the interest of many businesses. Now marketers can…

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Nebraska’s homespun mini surgical robot company inspires support

By Razia Aziz-Seible / August 7, 2019

Virtual Incision Corporation (VIC), founded on the collaborative efforts of two professors in the University of Nebraska ecosystem, has once again secured additional funding for its in vivo surgical robotics platform. On July 3, the company closed $1M in debt financing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based investment firms Bluestem Capital Company and Prairie Gold Venture…

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Lincoln’s Powderhook game-changing for outdoor aficionados

By Laura Neesen / July 23, 2019

Eric Dinger, enthusiastic entrepreneur and outdoorsman, sought to solve a problem he personally faced – finding enough time to pursue his fondness for hunting and fishing. He discovered that many others in his community of outdoor enthusiasts experience the same problem. He also found another problem compounding the lack of time – that is, the…

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Lincoln’s Future Builders – Building Lincoln’s Future

By Rich Claussen / July 1, 2019

The identification, recruitment, development and retention of talent to Lincoln is vital to building on the entrepreneurial momentum in the city. So back in 2016, the Prosper Lincoln community agenda began to look at more intentional efforts to better connect high school students to their innovation and entrepreneurial talents.

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7th NMotion Demo Day in the books, summer program application open

By SPN Team / May 29, 2019

Five Nebraska companies demoed their companies last week at the 7th NMotion Demo Day at the Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln. The event was an opportunity for early-stage companies to practice their pitches and garner more exposure during the public event. NMotion’s 42 portfolio companies have collectively raised $10.56 million in financing, generated 46 jobs,…

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Omaha’s Watts co-working space focuses on community and powering innovation

By Christine McGuigan / May 28, 2019

“We’re searching for the outliers––the people who think outside the box,” said Brandon Peterson, co-founder of co-working space Watts. Peterson and co-founder Dallas Polivka are both Lincoln natives, but they’ve invested themselves in their futures in growing Omaha’s community. Both entrepreneurs and founders, the pair launched Watts earlier in 2019 with a vision to create…

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North Bend-based CropMetrics optimizes irrigation with sensors, science, and service

By Laura Neesen / May 24, 2019

CropMetrics is giving growers greater insights in their irrigation practices with its precision irrigation management software platform and service offering. Unpredictability is an enduring facet of agriculture; from wind and rain to sun and soil, farmers must be masters at managing the countless variable conditions that affect their business. CropMetrics is innovating a technology solution…

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MultiMechanics’ MultiMech 19.0 release expands on software’s capabilities and speed

By Rod Armstrong / May 20, 2019

MultiMechanics, an Omaha-based developer of multiscale composite modeling and simulation software, has announced the release of MultiMech 19.0. The release will improve the breadth and run times of multiscale composite simulations. “This will help get materials to market faster,” said Dr. Flavio Souza, MultiMechanics President & CTO. “We can speed up that process through simulation,…

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