Entrepreneurship Index still shows bias to coasts, but Prairie catching up

By SPN Team / August 13, 2014

Economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln published the results of their annual State Entrepreneurship Index last week. Though co-author Eric Thompson admitted the index reinforces a long-standing bias towards the east and west coasts, he said prairie states like Iowa and Nebraska ranked well.

“I have to confess that it does reinforce this stereotype, this predilection that some people have toward opportunity on the coasts,” he said. “But the index is also saying there’s plenty of opportunity and things going on here, too.”

Iowa came in at 11th while Nebraska ranks at 18th and Missouri at 35th.

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Now more opportunities than ever for coding school scholarships

By SPN Team / July 24, 2014

People hoping to attend a code school are at a distinct disadvantage compared to those attending a community college or other accredited university: They can’t get scholarships, loans or other money through government programs since the schools usually aren’t accredited. But now, there is more money than ever available to attend a code school in…

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Nebraska’s angel tax credit fund has a great problem on its hands

By SPN Team / July 22, 2014

It’s been more than three years since Nebraska passed a law creating a tax incentive for investors to back startups. But the Nebraska Angel Investment Tax Credit has a problem. Granted, it’s a good problem.

Each year, more investors are pulling the trigger to fund startups and take the tax credits. So much so that the annual $3 million fund has run out faster and faster.

In 2012, its inaugural full year, the funds were gone by mid-July.

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Aksarben Innovation Initiative is an Omaha collaboration for validation

By SPN Team / July 21, 2014

A new startup program focused on executing a business model canvas and lean principles aims to help early-stage startups figure out if their idea is viable.

The new 10-week entrepreneurial endeavor, Aksarban Innovation Initiative, is using the Lean LaunchPad to help five startups: MultiMechanics, Techno FYI, Discovery Collective, Innovative Wellness and another undisclosed company. They’re about halfway through the program.

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