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Prairie Portrait: Nate Fryzek of Presage Analytics

nathan-large August 9, 2014 by

One thing Lincoln has that other Silicon Prairie cities don’t: The actual startup community people are fantastic here. They act as conduits and invest so much time into community activities. Some people in other communities have to hear the same names over and over and be like — "Who is Brian Ardinger?" "What is a Turbine Flats?" etc. Come visit us and find out. Email me ahead of time, though!  read more

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Prairie Portrait: Katie Robbins of Sculpt

June 21, 2014 by

One thing Iowa City has that other Silicon Prairie cities don’t: World class literature, progressive thinking about ecology, an enclave of highly educated artists of all kinds, great bike trails and the Hawkeyes. Oh, plus great events like the Iowa Soul Festival and Creative Week. Other than all of that, nothing. We’re just another tasty slice of the Heartland.   read more

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