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Socie Awards to recognize South Dakota’s finest online

By Danny Schreiber / January 18, 2011

We’ve all read the stats on the number of users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Even in a place like South Dakota, vibrant online communities have sprung up and have yielded some fine social media personas. Two Sioux Falls companies have teamed up to recognize South Dakota’s finest online with the first annual South Dakota Socie Awards.

The two companies collaborating on this project are an interesting blend between traditional media, The Argus Leader (South Dakota’s largest newspaper), and an online marketing firm, Click Rain.

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Forbes ranks Sioux Falls ‘Best Small Place for Business and Careers’

By Danny Schreiber / November 19, 2010

Believe it or not Sioux Falls has more than just cornfields and cows. In fact, recently named Sioux Falls #1 “Best Small Place for Business and Careers.” (Image from This was the seventh consecutive year Sioux Falls has held the top spot.

Forbes’ annual ranking evaluates communities based on 12 factors including costs of living and business, job growth, income growth, quality of life, and cultural opportunities among others. Sioux Falls has been the only city that has ranked in the top 25 in at least eight of the…

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Online Publications on the Prairie: The Post South Dakota

By John T. Meyer / March 10, 2010

Next up in our series of interviews with online publications emerging on the Silicon Prairie is The Post South Dakota out of Sioux Falls.

Although The Post isn’t producing content with the same frequency as yesterday’s spotlight, the Kansas City Free Press, it’s covering a wide variety, as well. From music to local eats to fashion, you’re sure to find an article…

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SPN interviews Mitch Jackson of Sioux Falls’ Queen City Bakery

By Danny Schreiber / September 15, 2009

When you walk into Queen City Bakery you’re suddenly transported into a crowded city bakery in Manhattan, New York. For owner, Mitch Jackson, that’s exactly what he wanted. Jackson started the bakery with his wife, Kristine Moberg, about 15 months ago in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Prior to the bakery, Jackson was working as a business…

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