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Live Undiscovered Music (LÜM) closes seed funding round

In May, Live Undiscovered Music, or LÜM received $750,000 in seed round funding from Frank Productions Inc.  LÜM is a music streaming service that is based in Madison, Wisconsin. This platform is different than Spotify or Pandora because as the name suggests, it features music of artists who are undiscovered.   LÜM’s steaming service is…

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Kickstarter Staff Pick: Wichita-based Filimin

“I wanted to give us a way to express that we love each other in a simple, unobtrusive way, a way that is totally separated from the computer, cell phone, and that hectic communication, something that is part of the warmth of your ambient environment.”

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Better Know A Developer: Tara Stava, BuilderTREND

“I actually love VB.Net. Most developers are C# all the way. I’ve always been a VB.Net girl. And people are like, Why? I’m like, ‘It does everything C# does, and it’s easier to write!’ And they’re like, ‘OK.’ Most developers are hardcore into C#.”

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