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Innovation Chamber: What is it like to work in a startup?

On August 29, I began working for Nebraska Global. Nebraska Global is an odd place because it partners a software investment fund with the creation of software enterprises. Currently, our portfolio includes a number of startup companies – including two that I am working with more intimately. Moreover, our company itself is relatively young – around one year old. Thus, Nebraska Global …

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Innovation Chamber: How to engage in entrepreneurship & keep a day job

So, you are not an entrepreneur, but you want to engage in the Silicon Prairie community. What should you do?

First, I question whether or not you are an entrepreneur. In my opinion, entrepreneurship looks a bit like a bell curve. While most people are not as entrepreneurial as Richard Branson, many could become entrepreneurs if the right stimuli …

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Innovation Chamber: Increasing the region’s population through immigration (Part 3 of 3)

Omaha must become a more welcoming place to people who are not from here and people who are different – a solution to the provincial problem from Post One. A great bellwether for this problem is international immigrants. This is a key group not just as a bellwether but also because a high priority because immigrants can play key roles as entrepreneurs and highly skilled knowledge workers.

In Omaha, international immigrants make up approximately …

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Innovation Chamber: Increasing the region’s population through college students (Part 2 of 3)

This is a post that builds off of my first post on migration – the Silicon Prairie needs to grow. I tell people that we need to focus on college students, and the immediate response is that I don’t want to hire college students for my business. And many college students are ultimately not ready to work in a new startup or in a key position. However, even if that is the case, we should still focus on them. College students …

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Innovation Chamber: Increasing the region’s population through migration (Part 1 of 3)

The Silicon Prairie Region needs to increase its population. Omaha has lagged fast growing cities like Austin for the last 50 years. In 20 years, one key indicator of success as an entrepreneurial an innovative hub will be whether the community has added people. Places like Silicon Valley and Austin have shown meteoric increases in population alongside their increases in reputation. Within that scope …

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Innovation Chamber: The importance of positivity and determination

I have been to all three Big Omaha events, and they have all been special. However, this one particularly resonated for me on two key themes: positivity and determination. Both of these personal characteristics have been suggested as key components that differentiate entrepreneurs from the general public.


At Big Omaha, we had the opportunity to hear from Marc Eckō, Shervin Pishevar and Ben Huh. These are not irrational people – out …

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