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KCSV announces new co-working space, Village Square

KANSAS CITY—Beginning early next year, when you stop by the Kansas City Startup Village you’ll have the option to work become a Villager yourself, at least temporarily.

Village Square, a new co-working and community space, will be opening in the heart of KCSV with desks available by the first of the year.

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How Kansas City scored the biggest technological coup of the century

There was no phone call. No congratulations. No dramatic reveal.

It was winter of early 2011. Former Kansas City, Kan., Mayor Joe Reardon remembers a long, exhausting day of negotiations. At the end, there was nothing left to negotiate. All of Google’s questions were answered and their requests were met.

And that was it…

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Will more startup hubs help or hurt Omaha’s startup scene?

The announcement of a proposed Technology Village at Crossroads near 72nd and Dodge streets in Omaha has brought equal parts excitement and concern from community members worried about density and the health of a dispersed startup community.

If some communities use a sniper to take aim at locations for clusters of startups, Omaha seems to be using a shotgun …

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KCSV co-working day at the Sprint Accelerator may be just the beginning

Matthew Marcus—one of the Kansas City Startup Village’s leaders—points out how high the ceiling is at the Sprint Accelerator’s upstairs space in the Crossroads, relaying a study he heard about that correlates ceiling heights with styles of work. He says higher ceilings increase creativity while low ceilings allow for greater focus…

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Local Ruckus lands Sprint as customer, partner for national push

Local Ruckus, one of the Kansas City Startup Village’s original residents, has found its first major customer and distribution partner in neighborhood telecom giant Sprint.

The site—founded in February 2011, re-launched in August 2012—provides a “hub for local businesses to manage and publish events to their websites and social media networks” and intends to be the “Associated Press of local events” for national media outlets, according to a release …

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New video answers question, “What is the Kansas City Startup Village?”

True to form, individuals volunteering their time and talent made the first video to highlight the Kansas City Startup Village.

Matthew Marcus, co-founder of the Startup Village, thanked the “give first, get later” actions of those involved in creating “the first KCSV video helping outsiders (and insiders) better understand just what is happening in this part …

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My Instagram feed tells the story of a growing KC startup community

Storytelling is a beautiful, ever-evolving art form and Instagram is one of its vehicles. As I was scrolling through my feed last Friday, I stopped for a second to reflect on the events of the past few months and the impact of those events on the Kansas City startup community.

Our inaugural Big Kansas City event came and went with high fives and smiles, moments of inspiration and moments that emotionally moved each of us. Standing to the side of the stage as Scott …

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KC tech advocates weigh in on Austin’s addition to the Fiber family

Kansas City and Austin, Texas, became Google Fiber siblings Tuesday with the announcement that the internet giant would take its ultrafast connectivity south in the middle of next year. Just as was the case when Kansas City heard the news in 2011, the big-picture impact is foggy. Will the unique relationship with Austin build a stronger community here? …

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