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Prairie Moves: Google Fiber to crossover to Missouri this spring

February 7, 2013 by

Lead Read: "Kansas Reminders, and our First Missouri Deadlines" - After installing Google Fiber in some parts of Kansas City, Kan., Google announced it would begin installation of its gigabit internet in Kansas City, Mo. this spring. | Quotable: "If you've never worked together before hand, I would say think twice." - Bulu Box co-founder Stephanie Jarrett reflected …  read more

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Prairie Moves: Phone2Action earns spot in SXSW Accelerator

January 31, 2013 by

Lead Read: "SXSW Accelerator 2013 Finalists" - Kansas City, Mo. startup Phone2Action learned it would be competing in the South by Southwest Accelerator in March. | QuotableL "I'm like, sh*t, we better go raise some money." - Klink Mobile founder and CEO Jessie Bishop participates in an in-depth interview about her entrepreneurial career. - The Pitch. | Prairie Moves is a roundup of career changes, media coverage, product development and other updates from the companies and individuals regularly covered by Silicon Prairie News. …  read more

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Prairie Moves: Banno CEO sees need for “middle skills” in Iowa tech

January 22, 2013 by

Lead Read: "Banno's Arnold cites need for 'middle skills' in IT sector" - Banno founder and CEO Wade Arnold told the Cedar Valley Business Monthly that he could use as many as 20 new workers with middle-skill technology expertise. | Quotable: "Your product idea must be a painkiller, not a vitamin if you expect it to succeed." - Augie Grasis shared his advice for startups in an interview with …  read more

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Prairie Moves: Case talks investment outside of traditional tech hubs

January 16, 2013 by

Lead Read: "Case: Regional investment in places like Des Moines will mark '13" - The Des Moines Register reported that in a media call Monday, investor and startup advocate Steve Case (above) said he expects his firm to invest 80 percent of its 2013 capital in companies located outside of Silicon Valley and Boston. | Quotable: "The whole startup thing in Kansas City is like this huge growing beast …  read more

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Prairie Moves: Tech that puts Google Fiber to use to launch soon

January 12, 2013 by

Lead Read: "Google Fiber-Inspired SightDeck Brings Hollywood Effects To VC Pitches And Telepresence Meetings" - Fast Company reported that a video conferencing technology developed in Los Angeles is set to launch next week in Kansas City, Mo. | Quotable: "It was a big step for us, going from the comfy corporate job to work at our own startup." - Instin co-founder Rodrigo Neri reflected on 2012, which …  read more

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Prairie Moves: Des Moines Register recaps year’s top stories, challenges

December 26, 2012 by

Lead Reads: "Entrepreneurs banded together in 2012, but challenges remain" - Des Moines Register's technology and entrepreneurship reporter Marco Santana takes a look back at four challenges the state's tech community faced in 2012. "Top Iowa technology stories in 2012" - Santana spotlights four stories from Iowa's tech community in 2012. | Quotable: "Appropriately, it's entrepreneurial in itself," - Advent IP's David Milligan describes his newest venture, Mastercraft Advisors. - Omaha World-Herald …  read more

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