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Mailbox co-founder calls past seven months “an absolute whirlwind”

May 8, 2013 by

Last October, Gentry Underwood took the stage at Thinc Iowa to discuss why approaching problems like a designer is crucial for entrepreneurs. He touched on tolerating uncertainty, the importance of focus, and identifying the "why" of your product. Plus, he teased his new iOS-based email client, Mailbox. A lot can happen in seven months. Since then, Underwood has launched Mailbox, filled 1 million reservations within the first …  read more

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Inside SPN: Why Big Des Moines?

January 19, 2013 by

In our November announcement naming our full-time Kansas City staff and new event, Big Kansas City, we casually mentioned that Thinc Iowa, our two-year-old event in Des Moines, would now be called Big Des Moines. I've heard lots of good feedback from the community, but I wanted to use our new behind-the-scenes series to share the reasons for the change. The "Big": As we first sought to name the new …  read more

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Fill up on entrepreneurial insight with the Thinc Iowa 2012 playlist

December 13, 2012 by

For two days in October, followers of our Thinc Iowa conference gorged on a smorgasbord of presentations about entrepreneurship and innovation. Then, throughout the month of November, people had a chance to replenish their supply of lessons through the Thinc Iowa 2012 Video Series. Now, nearing the midpoint of December, the cupboard has been bare for some time. But not any more. Today, we bring you a feast, in the form of our …  read more

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With inspiration from Brad Feld, meetups emerge in Omaha, Iowa City

November 29, 2012 by

As the Silicon Prairie startup community develops, one of the ways collaboration and connections occur is through consistent opportunities to engage with one another. A strong community, moreover, is lead by a group of actors who are passionate around building our cities and region into something greater, and they take steps to make that happen. Actions by three individuals in the wake of our Thinc Iowa 2012 event in October …  read more

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Dane Maxwell shares tips for creating a business “out of thin air” (Video)

November 23, 2012 by

Dane Maxwell set out Oct. 10 at Thinc Iowa to impress upon the audience how to, as he put it, "create a business out of thin air ... even if you have no idea, no money and no credibility." How, one might wonder, did Maxwell acquire that know-how? "I learned how to do this," he said, "because I had no money, no idea and no credibility." Down on his luck and …  read more

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Neal Sales-Griffin shares story behind The Starter League (Video)

November 22, 2012 by

Neal Sales-Griffin decided in 2010 to leave one of the best jobs he said he's ever had – a founder-in-residence at a venture capital firm – to fulfill a desire to pursue three things: solve problems, make things and have fun while doing it. One year later, his pursuit led to the founding of The Starter League, a Chicago web development and design school. On Oct. 11 at Thinc Iowa 2012, Sales-Griffin shared the story …  read more

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