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Meet the new SPN editor, Stefanie Monge

By Stefanie Monge / March 22, 2023

Omaha native and startup veteran Stefanie Monge will lead Silicon Prairie News into the next era under the stewardship of the Nebraska Journalism Trust. She was recently named SPN editor after the publication was acquired from AIM.

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A look at Nebraska’s investment landscape

By SPN Newsroom / October 20, 2021

Talk to tech entrepreneurs in Nebraska, and they’re likely to laud the region’s innovative spirit. Next-level startups like Flywheel, Buildertrend, Lunavi, Hudl and more have grown an international presence and put the Cornhusker state on the map.  Even a cornerstone enterprise like Lincoln-based Nelnet has implemented its own innovation division. Conferences like the IO Summit,…

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SPN Recommends: the Pomodoro Technique

By SPN Newsroom / August 6, 2021

Want to get more done in a day? You could try the Uberman Schedule—a polyphasic sleep strategy developed in 1998 by IT professional and amateur scientist Marie Staver.  For years, Staver struggled with insomnia. Then she hit upon a strictly organized method of 30-minute naps every four hours that energized her and ramped up her…

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Is it over yet? A look back at 2020

By SPN Newsroom / December 18, 2020

We have yet to meet anyone who wishes this year would last longer.  From COVID-19 to civil unrest to political and economic turmoil, 2020 brought us a number of challenges and tragedies beyond the scope of this article. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that December is almost over.  So while it might seem premature…

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Developing Leadership When Things Are Not Good

By Tom McCauley / April 23, 2020

Originally posted on the AIM Institute blog No one knows how the coronavirus pandemic will evolve, how long the economy will stay underwater, or even what recovery looks like.  But the radical workplace upheaval and sudden ad hoc shift to remote technology over the past month suggest two truths:  We need more tech talent.   We…

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Telecommuters

By SPN Newsroom / March 24, 2020

Many of us can only dream of working from home. No more rush hour. No more sack lunches or $11 takeout sandwiches. And especially no more long, drawn-out conversations about the loose floor tile by Kelly’s office.  Well, now we have to miss all of those things.  Many of us are struggling with the reality…

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