Creelio closes seed round, hires CTO

By SPN Team / April 1, 2015

The Creelio platform helps executives and thought leaders in the financial services industry who are looking for a more effective, hassle-free way of developing their content and social media presence.

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Nebraska crowdfunding bill LB 226: What it means for startups

By Rod Armstrong / March 10, 2015

Nebraska State Senator Colby Coash of Lincoln has introduced a bill, LB 226, that creates a framework for equity-based crowdfunding. The Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance would manage the program. Nebraska companies interested in using the program would be required to pay a $200 filing fee, submit documentation to be presented to prospective investors, and provide an escrow agreement with a financial institution where investments will be deposited.

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Following TMone exit, Anthony Marlowe gets behind Iowa startups

By SPN Team / January 21, 2014

If you think Anthony Marlowe’s name looks familiar, you’re probably right.

Over the last decade, there have been countless stories about Marlowe’s business-process outsourcing company TMone, which was acquired by Jacksonville, Fla.-based Enhanced Recovery Company earlier this year.

He’s been named one of Inc.’s “25 Youngest CEOs from the Inc. 5,000 list” and he just became the co-owner of a NASCAR team …

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A little background on this “Form D” I’ve been hearing about

By SPN Team / August 18, 2012

(Guest post by Bart Dillashaw.) The topic of Form D filings has come up a few times in recent weeks in conversations with clients and in a few blog posts by folks like Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson of Foundry Group, so I thought this might be a topic worth providing a little more background about. This may get a little deeper into legal nuances than the average post, but I’m a lawyer, so indulge me.

There is a basic premise underlying the laws and regulations covering the purchase and sale of interests in companies that states that you should not sell these interests, or securities, without telling the truth about your business and disclosing all of the risks involved with investing in your company. In order to ensure that appropriate disclosure is provided, these …

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