Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem

By SPN Team / December 9, 2009

  Big Omaha 2009, photo by Malone & Co. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post outlining my thoughts about the “culture of risk” in the Midwest region and how it was starting to make a change for the better. In that post, I referenced a post Sarah Lacy wrote on her blog over a…

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Culture of risk in Omaha

By Danny Schreiber / November 10, 2009

Yesterday, Gabe Kangas (@gabek) officially gave notice that he’s leaving his job and will be pursuing other opportunities. For a bit of context, its probably worth reading his entire writeup on his blog. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge deal — people leave their jobs all the time. However, this one is different for me. Why?…

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Guest Post: “Ambient intimacy” a term you need to know

By SPN Team / July 9, 2009

While scanning tweets tonight I read one that caught my eye enough to retweet it: @ramseym: Warren Buffett, “I would pay $5 a month for YouTube.” http://bit.ly/7xVbq Clicking through to @ramseym’s profile, I found myself revisiting his blog and reading a post that caught my eye so much so that I asked @ramseym if I…

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The state of coworking in Omaha

By Danny Schreiber / December 12, 2008

As many of you know, for some time it has been a goal of Jeff and I to open up a coworking facility in the Omaha area.  For those not familiar with the term, coworking is a concept where people can rent desks, and work in a shared/collaborative environment. The picture above shows one such…

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Kevin Rose on surviving the downturn

By Danny Schreiber / November 8, 2008

After reading the article in Kevin Rose in Inc. I ran across an article in Wired Magazine on Rose’s recommendations for surviving the economic downturn.  Take a look… Digg founder Kevin Rose says this is the best time to launch a company, even if the economy is going to hell, venture capital for web startups…

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What do you want?

By Danny Schreiber / October 2, 2008

We at Silicon Prairie News are all about bringing you the best and most innovative entrepreneurs in the community, and now we’re asking YOU, our community, readers and members want to see. So please leave a comment around who or what you want to see covered in the very near future… Thank YOU for your…

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The future of technology

By Danny Schreiber / September 17, 2008

I was reviewing some of the clips from last week’s TechCrunch50 and Ron Conway had a quote I couldn’t pass by when asked what motivates him to continue working as an angel investor: “Meeting entrepreneurs who are inventing something is very very interesting. When you meet an entrepreneur you are talking to the future of…

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By Danny Schreiber / December 31, 2007

Welcome to the blog! Looking forward to 2008! We’ll be discussing a lot of things here – not limited to the great vibe in Omaha that’s ready to burst in 2008. Entrepreneurship, networking, being a young “mover and shaker” and more… Hop on board and stay tuned!

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