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What is an ecosystem: A Sioux Falls ecosystem report

By Amy Gehling / April 25, 2019

“Ecosystem” and “ecosystem building” have been hot terms in the world of entrepreneurial development lately. As cities begin to realize that fostering entrepreneurship is a great economic tool for growth; new strategies are being developed to make cities more “entrepreneur-friendly.” One of the first questions community builders should be asking is how they can assess…

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BuddyBrands on the cutting edge of pet science

By SPN Team / April 24, 2019

Wichita-based BuddyBrands started by building better beds to help canines get their sleep.  The company has expanded its offerings to include so much more. The BuddyRest story begins seven years ago when company Co-founder, Trevor Crotts’ labradoodle, Buddy, visited the vet. Crotts happened to be a corporate trainer in the mattress industry at the time,…

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Midwest eSports puts the “sport” in video gaming

By SPN Team / April 23, 2019

Video gaming has always been a fiercely competitive pastime. Those who are old enough surely remember hunkering down into a game after school and bickering with their siblings over the Atari joystick for a crack at Pitfall! or Frogger. (For those who are too young to have relished in the joy of the successful virtual…

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TruckPark gears up to launch parking app for truck drivers

By SPN Team / April 22, 2019

  TruckPark is set to launch its TruckPark App on Monday, May 6, bringing the company’s parking platform live to truck drivers over the road. TruckPark is a real-time inventory management and booking platform that connects truck drivers with safe and available parking along their routes. The company is based in Chicago, the nation’s third…

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Ryan Wegenast wants to help you solve your problems

By SPN Team / April 19, 2019

Ryan Wegenast has built a business around helping innovators find the secret sauce to scaling, growing, building, moving, developing and winning at their ventures. The magic ingredient is the same every time, is infinitely regenerating, and is already in his client’s possession. They just don’t realize it yet. The ingredient: potential. But not just potential.…

Read More draws a sell-out crowd in its second year in St. Louis

By SPN Team / April 17, 2019

The Conference on Artificial Intelligence marked its second year last week at the Eric P. Newman Education Center in St. Louis, Missouri on April 9. The conference has grown since its inauguration last year, attracting 500 attendees from across the country to hear from a top-notch lineup of speakers on a range of Artificial…

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Balto Software helps drive sales and revenue through improved communication

By SPN Team / March 27, 2019

St. Louis-based Balto Software, is an AI technology that is truly changing sales. The Balto technology makes sales reps better listeners, clearer communicators, and more empathetic, skilled salespeople – which ultimately helps drive revenue in sales, service, and collection organizations. Marc Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of Balto Software, recounted to SPN the story behind the…

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AGOGIE wearable resistance pants help improve performance

By SPN Team / March 25, 2019

  “Life is hectic. Finding time to work out shouldn’t be. Imagine burning fat, increasing calorie burn, building muscle, all by living your daily life. Now you can, and it’s as simple as putting on a pair of pants. The AGOGIE wearable resistance pants enable you to work out with every movement throughout the day.”…

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