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The “A” Word – 02 – Agile Values

By Emily Truax / September 1, 2021

When I was studying graphic design, one of the mantras of my program was “Think outside the box.” It’s a well-known metaphor meant to spur a shift in perspective, a drive to find a new solution to an existing problem. This logo doesn’t pop? Think outside the box. This website doesn’t wow? Think outside the…

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ReEnvision Ag develops new way to plant

By SPN Newsroom / August 24, 2021

A northeastern Iowa agtech startup is developing technology that will change the way farmers plant crops, all while saving them money and reducing environmental impact. Nora Springs, Iowa’s ReEnvision Ag is one of five agriculture technology companies participating in the AgLaunch 365 accelerator program, which aims to cultivate startups that will transform regional agriculture; create…

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Opinion: The “A” Word

By Emily Truax / August 18, 2021

Agile: full of tiresome rules, failed experiments, and monotony. I’m here to change that. No, I’m not one of those agilists who shakes the Manifesto overhead like an impassioned minister on Sunday. But I do believe that Agile gets a bad rap. Agile is not simply a project management tool used by tech companies and…

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Upcoming Founders Thriving Retreat gives entrepreneurs the chance to form healthier relationships to work, life, success—and themselves

By Matthew Robbins Case / August 11, 2021

For an entrepreneur, the American Dream can come at a high price. Long hours, relentless stress and the various headaches inherent to launching a business can pile up on a person, robbing them of their joie de vivre—or worse.     Gv Freeman knows all about that.  Leaving his hometown in central Nebraska for the bigger city,…

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With support of local business and tech leaders, new website aims to encourage interest and participation in STEM

By SPN Newsroom / August 3, 2021

To help remove barriers to tech education, address the ongoing shortage of tech workers in the Silicon Prairie, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering and math careers, the Omaha STEM Ecosystem and the AIM Institute have launched the online STEM Community Platform, presented by Cox.  The STEM Community Platform, located at, connects youth,…

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