Wichita and Kansas


Something’s brewing in Wichita

By SPN Team / January 11, 2017

Wichita has struggled in recent years to churn out the kind of startups that contributed to the rise of the city – companies like Boeing, Pizza Hut, White Castle, Coleman and Rent-A-Center. But all that may be changing. The startup ecosystem is coming together and startup activity is increasing at a rapid pace, generating startups likes…

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Lawn Buddy wins $17,000 prize package at first ever Get Started Wichita

By SPN Team / August 26, 2016

Wichita based startup Lawn Buddy won a $17,000 prize package last night at the first Get Started Wichita, a pitch event sponsored by Cox Business. Lawn Buddy is working on a mobile app that offers on-demand, year round lawn care services. The company’s founder Steve Werner plans to launch the app this winter, according to the Wichita…

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Fireshark Gaming expands from Wichita to Omaha

By SPN Team / August 16, 2016

The unique immersive gaming platform has arrived at The Mark in Omaha, Nebraska. Fireshark Gaming launched in April 2015 as a standalone entertainment space in Wichita, Kansas. Since then 25,000 visitors have tried out the system. “People get out of their house, get in a car, drive to our store, just to have a Fireshark…

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Wichita’s e2e Accelerator hosts Customer Hack Night

By SPN Team / August 8, 2016

As part of its inaugural 13-week program, Wichita’s e2e Accelerator held a “Customer Hack Night” on July 28th. The event helps connects entrepreneurs to mentors in the community. Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to present on a current business project–everything from branding to pricing–and to seek feedback and advice in an intimate setting. “Every opportunity I’m provided an audience…

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QA with John Dascher, CEO of Wichita’s first business accelerator

By SPN Team / February 12, 2016

John Dascher is the new CEO of the E2E Accelerator, which is launching this year in Wichita, Kansas. Dascher has been involved in venture capital and business acceleration outside the Valley since 1997, when he started with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners in Philadelphia. Most recently, he worked as Investment Director for two venture capital funds in…

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Wichita State Innovation Campus aims to unite university and community

By SPN Team / January 5, 2016

Wichita State University is creating an Innovation Campus focused on technology, business and community. After being welcomed to Wichita State in 2012, President John Bardo began developing plans to shift the university’s priorities to innovation. Through strategic planning, the university’s mission became clear: Wichita State will serve as an essential educational, cultural and economic driver…

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Kickstarter Staff Pick: Wichita-based Filimin

By SPN Team / April 22, 2015

“I wanted to give us a way to express that we love each other in a simple, unobtrusive way, a way that is totally separated from the computer, cell phone, and that hectic communication, something that is part of the warmth of your ambient environment.”

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Back from Wichita, where a young startup community is trying to grow

By SPN Team / May 1, 2014

Last week I drove southwest to our Kansan neighbors in Wichita to experience the ICT Unconference and learn about a community just outside Silicon Prairie News’ typical reach.

It was fascinating to see the different sets of players and topics. Strengths and weaknesses were much different than the three regions we cover…

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Wichita leaders hope Tuesday’s ICT Unconference connects community

By SPN Team / April 21, 2014

A few hours southeast of Kansas City a group of community leaders are taking steps to build Wichita’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Those steps move forward in a big way Tuesday with the first ICT Unconference taking place at the Wichita Marriot Hotel, starting at 8:30 a.m. and wrapping up with a closing party at 4:15 p.m.…

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