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Jeff joins AIM Institute as director of innovation and new media

0806_AIMDusty and I would like to give a big congrats to Jeff on becoming the Director of Innovation and New Media at the AIM Institute.

Jeff will be focusing on creating and strengthening partnerships between AIM, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in Omaha as well as the state of Nebraska with the goal of developing and growing our region’s economy.

AIM is a unique, nonprofit consortium of local, state and regional businesses, colleges and universities, secondary schools, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the State of Nebraska. Formed in 1991, and based in Omaha, it serves the entire state of Nebraska and communities throughout the U.S. in a variety of ways. It’s mission is to transform communities, organizations, and individuals through information technology.

We also owe a big thank you to Jeff for being the initial driving force behind SPN. We know he’ll be bring the same passion and excitement to AIM that he’s brought to our organization in its first year. We also know that he’ll be keeping SPN readers in the loop on what he and his colleagues are up to at AIM. We’ve already covered some great events they’ve held this year, from Infotec09 to TasteIT, but now with Jeff a part of their team, we’ll have the inside scoop.

With regards to his involvement with SPN, Jeff will continue working heavily on building it as well as Big Omaha and other events which aim to keep our region on the map.

Here’s a link to AIM’s official press release announcing Jeff’s hire: Jeff Slobotski Joins AIM.

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