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GoPollGo.com launched Friday, how many polls have you made?


Just before 5 p.m. this past Friday, GoPollGo.com, the idea that Ben Schaechter, a Creighton University senior, had pitched in our first Creative Capital Pitch Session, was launched into public beta.

Ben’s work on the polling web application with real-time and geolocation features began this past spring in his dorm room. When the fall semester end neared, he was invited to spend the summer in BrightMix’s office to continue work on it. There, he teamed up with Dusty Davidson, Kevin Zink, Erin Standley, Tony Noecker, and Erin Hawkins to conquer design and programming challenges.

Around the same time, I moved into BrightMix’s basement to begin working full-time for Silicon Prairie News, a production of BrightMix and Jeff Slobotski. It was my first time seeing the behind the scenes of the building of a web app, and I’m very impressed with the end result.

Although I don’t have a more in-depth post or video interview with Ben today, I hope to in the near future. For now, I’ll be spending my time making and taking polls.

Here’s my poll that matches the title of this post followed by a favorite poll of mine by user joeschmidt.

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