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Foursquare lauches in Omaha!


Alright folks! It’s here! Some of you may have already seen some chatter on Twitter for this new application called Foursquare.

For those who don’t know, Foursquare is a location based social network that incorporates fun gaming elements. The game revolves around “checking into” places you are physically at. The experience is fun and extremely addictive. You then earn points and badges as you check into additional places. Foursquare is available on the iPhone as well as the Blackberry and Android.

I met the founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai at SXSW last year and had an opportunity to chat with them on the application that everyone was talking about. Since then, it’s been fun to follow the updates the team has cranked out. So as of this afternoon, we’re thrilled to have Omaha a part of the Foursquare fun!

Most recently, last month the company raised a $1.35 million seed round of funding led by Union Square Ventures. Keep an eye on these guys as the service is really taking off and it will be fun to see what’s coming next!

Here’s some other recent buzz on Foursquare from Techcruch.

Take a few seconds to download the app and enjoy the fun! I’m looking forward to seeing who’s crowned “Mayor of Scooters West” (120th & Blondo) first!

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Here’s a link to the Techcrunch article which talks about Omaha, as well as the 14 other cities including Kansas City and more!

Also a big thank you to our friends at What Cheer and Secret Penguin for allowing me to conduct the interview from their world headquarters!

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