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Top five videos of Big Omaha 2009

In keeping with the spirit of revealing the top videos and posts of 2009, we wanted to bring you the top five videos of Big Omaha 2009!

The temperature seems to be shifting, if at least for a few days, and we are encouraged by the fact that when spring arrives, that means Big Omaha 2010 is just around the corner…stay tuned for a few more announcements coming very soon! Without further ado, the top five videos of Big Omaha 2009!

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary needs little introduction. His talk at Big Omaha 2009 was what many say was one of his most passionate talks of last year. With the release of his bestselling book, Crush It, the launching of VaynerMedia, and a slew of other endeavors, attendees were encouraged by his passion and energy to stop doing the things you hate and start today by launching the very thing that drives you to wake up each morning.

2. Jason Fried

Jason‘s success and track record in building his company, 37Signals, as well as being based in the Midwest, were two of the main reasons we wanted to share his intellect with attendees at last year’s Big Omaha. Jason’s opening keynote set the stage for the rest of the day’s speakers.

3. Jeffrey Kalmikoff

I came across Jeffrey when he and his business partner Jake Nickell were featured on the front of Inc. magazine for the amazing work they had accomplished in building Threadless into a $30 million company. Since Big Omaha 2009, Jeffrey has made a jump to Digg as the director of design and user experience.

4. Panel featuring Jason Fried, Gary Vaynerchuk, Micah Baldwin and Jeffrey Kalmikoff

When Matt Mullenweg ran into some trouble at the airport in San Francisco, therefore not being able to make his scheduled time, we adapted. Micah Baldwin said, “Hey, why don’t we assemble a panel to give attendees more of a chance to ask questions of the entire group?” What resulted was a panel consisting of the nation’s leading innovators answering questions and entertaining the crowd.

5. Micah Baldwin

Micah’s tell it like it is presentation was extremely well received by the attendees. Micah, along with the entire slate of speakers, was extremely accessible and spent ample time answering questions that attendees had throughout the event.

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