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Sojern releases fourth iPhone app, Airport Remote

Screenshots of Airport Remote posted in Apple’s app store.

Late last week, Omaha-based startup Sojern, an online and printed advertising platform reaching airline travelers, released its fourth iPhone app, Airport Remote. The $3.99 app allows you to view departure and arrival information for flights at airports across the country. If you’ve ever found yourself looking for the bank of screens in the airport to check flight status or gate information, look no more.

From the press release:

The first iPhone application that monitors over 100 airports in the U.S. and around the world. Travelers can get flight status, gate details and baggage information at their fingertips without being near an airport monitor.

Highlights of the application include:

  • View Airport Remote monitors for all arriving and departing flights from/to your airport
  • Check gate assignments, delays and cancellations
  • View delay information of all flights to/from the airport
  • Easily email all flight details to friends, family and co-workers with the touch of a button

Sojern has also released these travel-related apps:

Flight Sites: Quick links to 17 of the top U.S. airlines plus more at your fingertips.



Rental Car Sites: Quick links to national rental car websites and phone number information in one simple to use app.



Hotel Sites: 70 major hotel chains quick linked for your convenience.




Here’s Sojern’s trailer for Airport Remote:

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