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Carla White: NASA designer by day, iPhone developer by night

I witnessed the power of Big Omaha this past May when I traveled all the way down to Omaha from Sioux Falls and then met an incredible designer, Carla White, who lives in my own backyard. Not literally, but in the community of Sioux Falls which doesn’t have a big yard. Carla and I kept in touch and I recently sat down with Carla to talk about her company Happy Tapper.

Happy Tapper is a company that makes life-improving iPhone apps and to date has three apps available: Gratitude Journal, Little Buddha, and Vision Board. White works on her apps by night, but is a designer for NASA by day. After living in London, White moved back to South Dakota four years ago and started Happy Tapper in December 2008.

Carla had great tips for people who are interested in creating iPhone apps and as someone who doesn’t even own an iPhone herself (no AT&T in South Dakota) she brings a unique perspective. Carla has also created guides to creating iPhone apps which can be found at iphoneappsecrets.com.

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