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First Friday Lunch Review: ingredient restaurant

The cup says it all: “Personalized entrees with your choice of over 75 fresh ingredients.” Photo by Danny Schreiber.

As today is the day we set out for our third First Friday Lunch (place: TBD), it’s about time that I post the review from our second outing, which was to ingredient restaurant located at 32nd & Farnam.

The lunch crew: the BrightMix team (Kevin Zink, Tony Noecker, and intern Rick Knudtson) and the Omaha Silicon Prairie News team (Dusty Davidson, Jeff Slobotski, and myself), as well as Marlina Davidson (Dusty’s wife).

The line was pretty long but moved pretty quickly. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

A shot of the table just after our order arrived. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

Here are our reviews (out of four stars), this time with what we ordered:

Tony (Sausage Grinder Sandwich): 2 – Look man, keep the tapioca out of the pasta.

Kevin (Peppercorn Steak Sandwich): 2 – My meat sandwich needed more meat and less bread.

Marlina (Salmon BST Sandwich): 3 – Very fresh ingredients but I would’ve chosen a different bread for my sandwich.

Dusty (Mahi Tacos): 3 – Any restaurant that serves DMD (Diet Mountain Dew) on tap is a winner in my book.

Andrea (Mahi Tacos): 2 – Mahi mahi tacos needed a little more ingredient, it was a little bland.

Rick (Tuscan Chicken Sandwich): 2 – Seriously though, what’s is the pasta?

Danny (me) (West Coast Veggie Burger): 2 – The veggie burger was way above average but the pasta salad really sunk my lunch ship.

Overall: 2.3/4

A closeup of the pasta salad in question. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

And if you’re craving another ingredient restaurant review, check out Nichole Aksamit’s review in the Omaha World-Herald: Choice is key at Ingredient.

Tune in to this blog, Little Office on the Prairie, each month for more First Friday Lunch reviews. And if you have an ingredient restaurant review or your own or a suggestion for our next outing (today!), please leave it in a comment below.

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