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A visit to Malone & Company’s new office

This post is way overdue (as in six weeks overdue), but it’s a super cool one. A couple months ago the folks at Malone & Company (the one’s behind the stellar Big Omaha photography) moved into a new studio. A warehouse that used to house a skateboard park is now home to their photo and video studio which includes office space, a kitchen, a ping pong table, and more. It’s located in Papillion, Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha.

Check out the photos below, and to see more, visit the Malone & Company blog: maloneandcoblog.com.

Most photos by yours truly, Danny Schreiber, and the ones of me climbing things are by Jeff Slobotski.

Part of Malone & Company crew: Geoff JohnsonAndrew Marinkovich, and Patty Malone.

Starting the Malone & Company tour.

The kitchen, on “floor two.”

The challenge: climb the storage shelves and enjoy the hammock.

Enjoying the hammock.

A view from the corner. I lost to Patty on that ping pong table – she’s very good.

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