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@BadBanana gets a book deal

Lincolnite Tim Siedell, a.k.a. @badbanana on Twitter, has yet to ink a television deal to turn his tweets into a script for William Shatner (see: “$h*! My Dad Says“). Soon enough, however, his tweets will be appearing in ink with the release of his first book, “Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras, Half-Empty Thoughts, Volume 1.”

“I’ve been approached by a lot of different people about a book, but none of the ideas felt quite right,” Siedell wrote in an email interview.

“I wanted something that would appeal to my fans, who may have read some of these quips when I first posted them on Twitter. But I also wanted something that would appeal to someone who would never in a million years go to the site.”

After a short introduction by Siedell, the book, 80 pages in all, is essentially a hand-picked collection of Siedell’s observations, each 140-character or less.

Siedell is the co-owner and creative director at Lincoln, Nebraska-based Fuse Industries, a brand communications studio. In a previous email interview with Silicon Prairie News, he told us he first learned about Twitter in March 2007 from an advertising trade publication. At that time, he decided to “check it out.” Three years later, and, according to him, still “checking it out,” he has over 400,000 followers and a growing list of accolades.

Siedell’s book, which is being published by StoryPeople Press, is illustrated by Brian Andreas. “Brian’s artwork has a large and loyal following all over the world,” Siedell said. “He’s originally a Midwestern guy, but he succumbed to the temptation of the warmer California climate a few years ago.”

(A recent tweet from @badbanana.)

“Brian has also published many books, combining short thoughts and stories with his distinctive drawing style. I’m a big fan of his books and we have a very similar sense of humor. Brian and I talked, and we had a very similar vision of what this book could be.”

When asked about the reception of the book so far, Siedell replid: “I’ve been told the book has a modern-day, twisted Shel Silverstein vibe. I’m pleased with that comparison.

“I think people will find the book to be funny and weirdly thought provoking. Maybe a little twisted and dark in places, but never dirty. And you certainly don’t need to know what Twitter is to enjoy it.”

Looking to the future, upcoming projects and Huffington Post columns, Siedell said: “I have quite a few things in the works. A little here, a little there. Nothing I’m set to announce quite yet. But yes, people can watch for more Huffington Post pieces and, as always, follow my thoughts on Twitter.

“You may have noticed the book sub-title is Half-Empty Thoughts, Volume 1. I’m hopeful there will be a Volume 2.”

As far as a @badbanana television show, we’ll have to wait and see. Interestingly enough though, earlier this month an NBC Today Show contributor put @badbanana on this list: “4 Twitter feeds that could be hit shows.”

Here are a few lines of praise for Siedell’s book so far:

  • “Tim Siedell clearly has no life, but he’s extremely funny while not having one.” – Rob Reiner (actor, director, writer, producer)
  • “The dude is a one-liner machine.” – Mark Sullivan (MSNBC.com)
  • “In a medium that rewards wit, Tim Siedell is the most rewarding.” – Scott Simon (host, NPR Weekend Edition)

Learn more about Siedell’s book at storypeople.com, and follow his quips on twitter: @badbanana.

Learn more about Siedell in our previous interview with him: A bunch of laughs: Interview with Tim Siedell, a.k.a. @badbanana.

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