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DSM Daily prepares to serve up only locally-owned daily deals

The staff at DSM Daily, an offshoot company of Urbandale-based Webspec Design. Owner Jeremiah Terhark pictured far left. Photo courtesy of DSM Daily.

Another daily deal site, another local twist, and this time, literally. Two weeks ago, we covered the launch of Deal Garden, an Omaha-based daily deal site focused on college towns with a population of 50,000 to 200,000. Today, we’ve caught wind of a daily deal site that’s preparing to launch in Des Moines with a focus on local.

Beginning mid-April, DSM Daily plans to feature only locally-owned Des Moines businesses Monday through Friday with discount coupons starting at 50% off goods or services.

When I spoke with Jeremiah Terhark, owner of DSM Daily and Urbandale-based Webspec Design, the company behind DSM Daily, he said that the impetus for his team starting the local daily deal site was to ultimately bring more benefits to local businesses. He said they’ve had several clients use both Groupon and LivingSocial and that they feel it’s taken advantage of businesses. “We’re trying to structure where it’s better for the client and where it’s a local effort rather than a national one,” said Terhark. At this time, he wasn’t ready to go into the specifics of their model.

With a date circled just over two and a half months away, Terhark said they aim to get 10,000 signups by launch. If they hit that number before launch day, he said they may launch early. 

To spark interest, DSM Daily is giving away over $100,000 in vouchers to initial users of the service – those who pick up a voucher from their roaming classic delivery vehicle dubbed “The Deal Mobile” will receive a discount on their first offer (yes, a deal on a deal). Unlike other daily deal sites, however, DSM Daily is committed to sending users only the deals that they wish to receive. On sign up, users choose which categories interest them, and as the daily deals are sent out, users only receive emails within the categories they’ve selected (left, screenshot from dsmdaily.com).

In short, Terhark said DSM Daily hopes to be more advantageous for businesses, give users more attractive offers, and support only locally-owned businesses.

Learn more about DSM Daily at dsmdaily.com.

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