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Wired cover story includes a look at Omaha’s downtown revival

The cover and title page of the June issue of Wired Magazine, which hit the news stands this week.

This coming month’s issue of Wired Magazine, which hit newsstands earlier this week, features a cover story, Smart Jobs,” that should be of high interest to our readers for a few reasons. First, the article takes a statistical look at something we’re dedicated to covering. “Work is out there,” page 134 states. “It’s cropping up in new tech corridors, booming small towns, and surprising industries.”

Second, in its focus on 12 downtown revivals, the article takes a deep look at Omaha, showing growth from 1991-2010 in a very cool infographic (see image below). Third, cities in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas earn mention in the story, either in a graphic or the editorial.

The story was written by Adam Davidson, a co-founder and co-host of NPR’s Planet Money, and will be released online on May 31. In addition to buying it on the newsstands today, you can also download the free Wired iPad app and purchase this issue within it. The iPad version contains a number of interactive features and media, including an audio interview with Rachel Jacobson of Film Streams, one of the businesses highlighted in the downtown revival infographic.

Screenshot from wired.com/magazine

We’ve included images of the print pages in this post for a bit of a preview, but you can read the first part of the story on Wired.com:

The Economic Rebound: It Isn’t What You Think

By Adam Davidson

As the US economy slowly rebuilds and the smoke from four years of charred capital starts to dissipate, we can discern the shape of the next 20 years of job growth. What we see is an economy unlike any we’ve ever known.

The recovery needs to be revolutionary […]

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Pages 134-135 of the June issue of Wired magazine, two pages of the 15-page cover story, The Smartest Jobs, that includes a look at Omaha’s downtown revival. (For a closer look, see the PDF.)

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