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Help us welcome our summer intern, Brittany

Silicon Prairie News summer intern Brittany Mascio at South by Southwest with Danny Schreiber, left, and Dusty Davidson.

After an awesome four months with us in the Silicon Prairie News office as the spring content and event intern, Brittany Mascio is sticking around for three more months as our summer content and event intern. Needless to say, she rocks at what she does – from compiling links and Silicon Prairie startup love in our weekly Prairie Moves to hustling late into the night to make sure all went according to plan at Big Omaha, Brittany’s shown commitment, excitement, and most importantly, passion for what she’s doing at Silicon Prairie News.

Two fun memories that stick out for me from her first four months here are 1) her short-notice decision to attend South by Southwest Interactive – she was carpooling home from college spring break and her friends dropped her off in Austin – and 2) her spot-on small birthday gifts to Michael and myself this past March and May, respectively. Both were office jokes not worth noting here, but the whimsical little gifts she gave us are an example of her attention to detail and genuine interest in others. And her trip to SXSW showed us her genuine interest in what we’re doing. Although she was without a badge during her three-day stop in Austin, she made the most of it (free GroupMe grilled cheese, FTW!).

In the months ahead, we expect many more fun memories to come (actually, be on the look out for some special “B-Mas” projects) as well as impact on our overall effectiveness in building community across the Silicon Prairie. Brittany is a great asset to our team and we’re excited that she decided to stay on for three more months and play an important role in our day-to-day activities.

Oh, I almost forgot! Brittany graduated summa cum laude from Creighton University this past May (left, photo from her Facebook profile). At the time, the Silicon Prairie News team was so caught up with Big Omaha that it slipped our minds to spread the news then and give her a big “Congrats!” In fact, her graduation was the day after Big Omaha concluded (May 14), and we’re pretty sure she was dedicating her time to Big Omaha right up until the closing hour of the Big Omaha Closing Party presented by Gist. But that’s the precedent she’s set – an extremely hard worker and dedicated to this organization. We’re excited for what her future holds.

In the comments below or on Twitter, @brittanymascio, please help us welcome and congratulate Brittany for joining us as our summer intern and graduating college in May.

To learn more about Brittany and read her posts, see her bio on Silicon Prairie News.

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