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Charlie Wittmack and his World Tri quest featured on ESPN

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As entrepreneurs, individuals often set out to achieve dreams that most deem impossible. While the dream of former Des Moines resident Charlie Wittmack wasn’t in business like the other entrepreneurs we cover, it’s a dream that can’t be ignored. Just over a year ago, he set out on the World Tri, a never before attempted 10,000-mile, 13-country swimming/biking/climbing adventure.

At 8 a.m. this morning – if you’ve woken early enough and have caught this headline – you can tune into ESPN2 to watch a feature story on Wittmack on ESPN’s Outside the Lines show. If you’re reading this post-show, on the other hand, stay tuned to ESPN website’s for its posting, or visit espn.com now to read an ESPN Magazine story, “Wait of the world” (written by University of Iowa grad Wayne Drehs), or explore Wittmack’s journey through an interactive microsite titled “A man obsessed“.

Update 12:15 p.m. – It Outside the Lines feature has been posted to espn.com:

We’ve been captivated by Wittmack’s story, as well, and although we haven’t interviewed Wittmack himself, we’ve gained insight into his journey through Andy Stoll, one of the his former crew members. In fact, some of the video used in today’s Outside the Line feature was shot by Stoll.

Upon Wittmack’s return from the World Tri in May, he met his family in Charlotte, N.C. where they’ve since moved to be with his in-laws. According to Lynn Hicks of the Des Moines Register, Wittmack said he’ll be spending time in Des Moines and continue to work at Davis Brown Law Firm. He also has plans to write a book about his experience.

To view ESPN’s feature, such as the interactive microsite pictured below, visit the following links:

Learn more about the World Tri and Wittmack at theworldtri.com.

Screenshot from espn.com

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