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Big Omaha Backstage Pass – Aneesh Chopra: The U.S. need for entrepreneurship

This summer, you heard their speeches in our Big Omaha Video Series. Now, in partnership with our photography and moving images partner Malone & Company, we’re giving you exclusive access to backstage interviews with the entrepreneurs and innovators who presented at our Big Omaha event in May.

For one week only, the Big Omaha Backstage Pass will feature 10 of our Big Omaha speakers in 15 previously unreleased video interviews. We hope these interviews, with topics ranging from the importance of mentoring to the quest to change the world, will engage, encourage, enlighten and excite you to follow your passion, a message at the core of Big Omaha. 

Our eighth backstage interview is with Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer of the United States. 

The U.S. need for entrepreneurship


What Big Omaha means to me is that there is a whole untapped base of entrepreneurial energy that, if we are organized in the right way, they can be successful as entrepreneurs and help our country meet its goals, from improving our health care system, improving our educational system, building a clean energy future. This will happen – the president’s vision for the country will happen – because entrepreneurs and innovators will help to invent our way out of these challenges.

We’re going to need a completely new architecture for how we’re going to think about a learning system, moving from how long the kid sits in a seat in a classroom to how quickly they can master a given subject. Or a health care system that moves from one that focuses on increasing the volume of care to one that is much more emphasizing value of care. And an energy sector that incorporates clean energy sources in a more thoughtful way so that we can avoid our addiction, if you will, or reduce our dependency on foreign oil. These big problems are going to require communities like what we’re seeing in Big Omaha to come together, take their brain power in matters small or big to invent the solutions that we’ll get ourselves out of this mess.

To watch Chopra’s Big Omaha presentation, see our post: “Big Omaha Video Series: Aneesh Chopra, US Chief Technology Officer

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