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Big Omaha Backstage Pass – Neil Blumenthal: Creating that change

This summer, you heard their speeches in our Big Omaha Video Series. Now, in partnership with our photography and moving images partner Malone & Company, we’re giving you exclusive access to backstage interviews with the entrepreneurs and innovators who presented at our Big Omaha event in May.

For one week only, the Big Omaha Backstage Pass will feature 10 of our Big Omaha speakers in 15 previously unreleased video interviews. We hope these interviews, with topics ranging from the importance of mentoring to the quest to change the world, will engage, encourage, enlighten and excite you to follow your passion, a message at the core of Big Omaha.

Our second backstage interview is with Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker, a New York-based online eyeglass retailer offering boutique-quality prescription eyewear at $95 per pair.

Other than just their shareholders


We’re trying to revolutionize the eyewear industry and revolutionize the way people think about for-profits, because we think that for-profits can be catalyst for change – if they’re stake holder centric, if they think about other people other than just their shareholders. And that might be, you know, sort of blasphemy for business guys, but you know I think we’re living in a world now where the problems are so complex … as individuals we all care quite a bit and we’re all trying to make a difference. Why can’t the companies that we work for and the companies that we start be active change agents? And the only way to do that is to be thoughtful about sort of creating that change.

To watch Blumenthal’s Big Omaha presentation, see our post: “Big Omaha Video Series: Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker“.

About Big Omaha and Thinc Iowa, our two premier events:

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