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Nebraska Global funds infrastructure management company Beehive

The homepage for Beehive Industries provides a glimpse of the company’s infrastructure management software. Screenshot from beehiveindustries.com.

Nebraska Global on Tuesday announced its latest investment: Beehive Industries, a company that makes infrastructure management software. The deal is the fourth announced in a span of 16 months by the Lincoln-based software investment fund, which was established in 2010 with the goal of launching 10 companies in five years.

“Beehive is an excellent fit for us as the teams can really leverage veteran technology with deep domain expertise to create an entire asset management platform that makes competitive options look generally bloated at best; in price, licensing terms, and lagging technology,” Patrick Smith (below, photo from nebraskaglobal.com), principal and COO of Nebraska Global, said in a release. “Beehive will be a major player in a very short period of time, and we look forward to the continued success and journey with the team.”

Beehive developed its suite of GIS (geographic information systems) software for managing assets and infrastructure of any kind, with an initial focus on local government and public utilities. Beehive aims to simplify the process of and eliminate inefficiencies in managing infrastructure. Currently, the company’s solutions include the following modules:

  • Storm – Mitigates damage from flooding
  • Water – Increases the efficiency of water systems
  • Wastewater – Helps manage and troubleshoot sewer systems
  • Public access – Increases transparency for government entities, serving as a “comprehensive portal for all … public data”

Beehive plans to make 16 additional modules available in the coming months.

“We are using today’s technologies to deliver a comprehensive solution that feels good to use,” Beehive president Bill Sheldon said in the release. “The incredible resources that Nebraska Global brings have allowed us to quickly build a game-changer in the infrastructure management industry.”

Beehive joins three other companies Nebraska Global has invested in with its $37.3 million fund. Nebraska Global previously announced funding of Don’t Panic Labs, Nebraska Global’s “people incubator” and the training ground for its in-house software development muscle; EC3H, which provides software solutions for processing deceased debtor accounts; and ICORA, a software vendor with a program that enhances Microsoft Dynamics.