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MindMixer raises $1.9m seed round led by Dundee Venture Capital

MindMixer, a web-based platform billed as a “virtual town hall,” announced today it closed a $1.9 million seed round led by Dundee Venture Capital, an Omaha-based venture capital firm whose founder, Mark Hasebroock, is also a co-founder and executive of the startup.

The round, which had undisclosed participants, brings the company’s total amount raised to date to $2.2 million, Nick Bowden, MindMixer’s CEO and co-founder, told Silicon Prairie News today. In February 2011, MindMixer announced its initial seed round of $300,000 from Dundee VC.

Today’s news, which was first reported by TechCrunch, also comes bundled with a notable MindMixer site launch. Yesterday, in Silicon Valley’s backyard, MindMixer rolled out Improve SF for the City of San Francisco.

MindMixer launched Improve SF on April 3 for the City of San Francisco.

“MindMixer now claims to work with more than 125 government organizations,” Anthony Ha of TechCrunch reported, “including the City of Los Angeles, the National Park Service, and yes, the City of San Francisco.”

Outside of government, MindMixer is selling its platform to schools, as well, such as Kansas State Univeristy. Bowden told TechCrunch that enterprise companies are also in the plan, so are tools to allow users to go one step further, such as crowdfunding a project or volunteering.

For more on today’s news, see TechCrunch’s post, “MindMixer Raises $1.9M For Virtual Town Halls, Launches ImproveSF Website“.

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Credits: Screenshot of Improve SF from improvesf.com

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