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Tech, culture to take center stage at The Forum on Thursday and Friday

Two days dedicated to refining and directing “new and unforeseen ideas, experiences and collaborations” are on tap this week in Kansas City, Mo. 

The Forum, a tech and culture conference held in conjunction with the music-focused Middle of the Map Fest, will run from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday and Friday at OfficePort (a coworking facility we covered earlier this year), StagePort and Screenland in the Crossroads District.  

The schedule for The Forum, which also includes a film component, features a steady stream of panels and talks from Kansas City’s business, technology and creative leaders — many of whom are featured here on Silicon Prairie News.

For instance, “Instant Access” (Thursday morning at 10:30) will feature IT and communications specialists exploring the impact of speed, automation, and multitasking on culture and business. “Hosting Innovation” (Thursday afternoon at 4) will present creators of actual and virtual spaces that facilitate collaboration, exploring how to host and cultivate the new communities of synthesis.

More on the forum, courtesy of its website:

Converging in the Crossroads of Kansas City, the Forum is made up of thought and culture leaders exploring, translating and synthesizing participant’s conversations on a spectrum of topics. Keynote speakers will fuel the creative fire and set the tone for the dialogues. The Dialogues will be lead by panels of 3-5 facilitators for each topic.

A variety of ticket packages are available, including a two-day Forum pass that costs $50. For more information on the event, which is presented by Ink Magazine, visit middleofthemapfest.com/forum

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