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Ready or not, it’s the return of the Big Omaha Startup Swag Roundup

Back by a combination of popular demand and this editor being a glutton for awkwardly asking, “Can I, um, take a picture of your T-shirt?” (OK, mostly the latter), it’s another edition of the Silicon Prairie Startup Swag Roundup®.

Last May at Big Omaha, the first installment of The Roundup left you wanting more. In October, we delivered with the sequel from Thinc Iowa. Today, we make it a startup tee trilogy. And, like the protagonist of another epic three-part series, we don’t need roads where we’re going. In fact, all you need is 3-7 minutes and a high tolerance for cheesy captions.

As we’ve done at conferences past, Silicon Prairie News loosed its editors on the crowd of conference-goers at the Big Omaha last Thursday and Friday to get an idea of the latest and greatest in Silicon Prairie startup fashion. Here’s what we found: 

Jordan Hoff (left) and Derek Homann team up to show off CompeteAgainstMe’s tees. 

Fresh off a trip to Finnovate, Scott McCormack looks like a million bucks in his Social Money swag.

Ninth Division’s Andy Peters shows he knows Big Omaha 2012’s branding with this special edition shirt.

Dave Homan takes the title for most apropos posture by a startup shirt model, reclining on sofa while wearing Slouch Couch shirt.  

Brian Langenfeld of Ninth Division sports a GolfStatus tee. 

An unidentified subject — OK, the Kauffman Foundation’s camera-averse Nick Seguin — models the latest from SendGrid. 

Andy Stoll of SeedHere in Cedar Rapids wears the shirt of an Iowa startup emblazoned with the image of an Iowa star — Dwolla and John Wayne, respectively. 

Like the VolunteerLocal logo on his sleeve, Brian Hemesath is all smiles. 

Hatchlings founder Brad Dwyer (left) and Tikly founder Emma Peterson show off their Tikly tees. 

Heath Roehr (left) and Steve Tippery represent Lincoln-based Intellifarm. 

Christian Renaud of StartupCity Des Moines dons one of several StartupCity swag options.

Andrew Kirpalani (left) and John Jackovin model the front and back of another StartupCity shirt.

Credits: Photos by Michael Stacy and Danny Schreiber. 

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