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Thinc Iowa 2012 tickets now on sale!

Grab your ticket to Thinc Iowa 2012 now!

Join us in Des Moines, October 9-11, for our two and a half day conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. With more than a dozen nationally recognized speakers and hundreds of attendees coming in from across the country, Thinc Iowa brings connections, collaborations and celebrations.

Our season ticket holders have already claimed the first 100 tickets, so if you’re not one of them, this is your chance to get in on the action. Tickets will sell out. Act fast.

The tickets

Because Thinc Iowa is a conference fixated on the entrepreneur, we have oriented our ticket prices to support the spirit and ambition of the entrepreneurial community. The entrepreneur/startup discounted ticket is available for $299 and a general admission ticket is available for $449.

When you register, double check the details in the event description, but if you have any questions, as always, feel free to send them to info@thinciowa.com and we’ll get you all squared away.

Buy your Thinc Iowa ticket!

The experience 

  • 500 faces from across the country you’re bound to interact with at least once during the conference
  • 54 hours jam-packed with inspiration, motivation and incredible relationship building
  • More than a dozen of nation’s most innovative entrepreneurs on a one-track stage at The Temple for Performing Arts
  • 3 official Thinc Iowa parties and an exclusive happy hour
  • 2 locally-sourced lunches
  • 2 continental breakfasts
  • 1 snack and beverage bar to keep you fueled and hydrated (including way too many cans of Red Bull)
  • Countless “shoulder shakes,” high-fives and standing ovations

The first six attendees

From top left: Ryan Graves, Danielle Morrill, Bart Stein, Jeremie Miller, Brad Feld and Antonio Neves will not only provide you with inspiring keynotes but they’ll also be one of your fellow attendees and together you’ll participate in an experience a relationship building event unlike any other.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard about our big announcement from last week, we welcomed our first six attendees to the conference. Yes, attendees. These individuals represent six of more than a dozen inspirational thought-leaders that will join you in the audience and join our lineup on stage as our Thinc Iowa speakers. Learn more about our speakers on ThincIowa.com.

More speakers to be announced! 

The live stream

The magic of Thinc Iowa comes from the energy that exisits in those moments in between the keynotes with some of the nation’s most heartfelt hustlers, builders, social entrepreneurs, doers and people who are a part of making things happen. However, if you find yourself on the waitlist or if you’re unable to attend the event, we’ll be livestreaming portions of the keynotes. Stay tuned for details.

Guaranteed tickets

We reserve a block of tickets each year for our awesome sponsors. To learn more about how you can make sure you make it to Thinc Iowa 2012, contact Geoff Wood at geoff@siliconprairienews.com.


The Silicon Prairie Series 

Thinc Iowa is a conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. Limited to 500 attendees, the two and half day event presents more than a dozen nationally-known speakers in an inspiring and engaging environment. The Thinc Iowa conference is part of the Silicon Prairie Series, the nation’s most ambitious events on innovation and entrepreneurship. Big Omaha and a future Kansas City event are also a part of the series.


CreditsPhotos of speakers, courtesy of respective speakers. Photo of Thinc Iowa by Anna Jones | Art of Photography / Ikonix Studio Photo of Big Omaha by Malone and CompanyPhoto of Kansas City by Jim Nix via Flickr

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