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Jeremie Miller sees tech taking small-town feel to global scale (Video)

As someone born, raised and still residing among the farms of rural Cascade, Iowa but running a tech startup based in San Francisco, Jeremie Miller splits his time between very different worlds. 

“It sort of it feels like I’m living two lives sometimes,” Miller said during his talk on Oct. 11 at Thinc Iowa

As Miller tells it, his passion for technology and affinity for the values of small-town Iowa have driven him throughout his life. Most recently, the dual influences led him to Singly, the startup he co-founded to help developers integrate personal and social data into the apps they build.

With Singly, Miller is using technology to help replicate some of the best qualities of his Iowa hometown on a global scale. “This is exactly what technology is enabling us to do today across a much larger, much wider audience,” he said. “We’re not from the same small town, but we can actually start to have that same small-town experience through all of these apps.”

To hear Miller’s Thinc Iowa talk in its entirety, see the video above. For more on Miller from the conference, see our story: “Jeremie Miller: Tech entrepreneur sprouts from Iowa farm roots“. 

About Jeremie Miller 

Miller is a co-founder of Singly, an aggregated personal and social data API. Passionate about open communication platforms and distributed protocols, Jeremie loves building systems that put people at the center of the web and data at the edge of the network. Earlier in his career, he founded Jabber/XMPP, and has most recently been immersed in JSON and TeleHash. He’s a proud big city commuter from Iowa.

About Thinc Iowa

Thinc Iowa is now Big Des Moines, part of The Big Series, a trio of events produced by Silicon Prairie News. The Big Series in 2013 will include the inaugural Big Kansas City in March, Big Omaha in May and Big Des Moines in October. Stay tuned for announcements regarding all three.


Credits: Video by Event1 Video.

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