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Watch KC Startup Village get Google Fiber at 1 p.m. (Live stream)

November 13, 2012 by

Google will officially flip the switch on Google Fiber today in Kansas City, Kan., and the occupants of of KC Startup Village, a cluster of startups that has sprung up in a handful of houses along State Line Road in the Hanover Heights neighborhood, are among the first in line to receive Google’s one-gigabit internet connection. 

In a post Saturday on the KC Startup Village blog, KCSV organizers announced the news and shared plans of broadcasting their big Fiber moment to the world: 

Then we got to thinking … why should we be the only ones to experience this? There are probably hundreds if not thousands of people who would love to also be a part of this exciting moment.

So, today at 1 p.m., as technicians finalize the Fiber installation process for a house owned by Matthew Marcus and occupied by startups Local Ruckus (co-founded by Marcus and Adam Arredondo), FormZapper and Leap2, Marcus and company will share a live stream of the proceedings.

Check the embed above at 1 for the live stream, and use the hashtag #KCSV to follow the action on Twitter.

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