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FUSE Coworking opens its doors in Lincoln Haymarket

Memberships to FUSE Coworking range from a daily rate of $20 to a monthly rate of $850.

A coworking space has come to the Lincoln Haymarket, joining the downtown area already occupied by startups, including Hudl, Bulu Box and Vestn, and the software investment fund Nebraska Global.

FUSE Coworking, co-founded by Matt Westenburg, Robert Hinrichs and Andy Beecham, opened its doors Jan. 14. The space is located above The Mill coffee shop at 8th and P Streets.

The goal of FUSE is to build a community of people who are currently working in basements and coffee shops around Lincoln, but also to change the fact that the startup community in Lincoln is so hidden, Westenburg and Hinrichs said in a recent interview.

“We want to tie that community together,” Hinrichs said.

The space has four different membership options, from the $20 a day “Free Radical” (9 a.m.-5 p.m. access and a drop-in table) to the $850 a month “Big Bang” (24/7 access and a four-person private office).

FUSE includes one large conference room, several permanent desks, two small conference rooms, a few lounge spaces and two private offices, one of which has already been filled. Four of the six permanent desk spaces have also been claimed, Westenburg said.

The initial cost of the space is being funded by the founders’ personal assets as well as sponsorships and donations.

“It’s expected to be self-sustaining,” Hinrichs said.

Westenburg said he, Hinrichs and Beecham looked at about 30 different locations before settling above The Mill in the Haymarket, which used to be an art gallery.

“It was deliberate and a bit lucky too,” Westenburg said of the chosen spot.

He said it’s not uncommon to see several Hudl employees, Blake Lawrence of Hurrdat or Paul Jarrett of Bulu Box in the neighborhood on any given day.

“Everybody’s here,” Hinrichs said of the Haymarket.


Credits: Photos from FUSECoworking.com

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