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Dwolla founder blogs about recent investment in clusterFlunk

On his personal blog Monday, Dwolla founder Ben Milne wrote about why he chose to invest in Iowa City startup clusterFlunk. “The founders are worth following just to see what happens,” Milne wrote of co-founder AJ Nelson and Joe Dallago. “They have that built-in Midwest hustle and clarity of purpose you just don’t find very often.” The company’s founders announced earlier this month that Milne was one of four investors who contributed to its $100,000 seed round. Milne also notes that in order to foster an angel investment community in Des Moines—and beyond—it’s important for investors to publicly acknowledge the projects they choose to back and believe in. And of the startup’s tongue-in-cheek moniker? “I’m still learning to love the name but as a friend told me once while I was trying to come up with a way to get them to change it: ‘It’s so bad it’s good. You don’t forget it. That’s pretty amazing,'” he wrote. — Source: Ben Milne’s blog


Credits: Photo courtesy Ben Milne.

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