Flywheel acquires Pressmatic



Omaha startup Flywheel has announced the acquisition of Pressmatic, an OS X application for publishing WordPress sites. Pressmatic was released earlier this year and quickly gained prominence in the WordPress design market, according to Dusty Davidson, CEO and co-founder of Flywheel.

“In a short amount of time it became one of the leading products in that space,” said Davidson. “When we made the announcement to the team, many of whom are web developers, they got really excited because they themselves use it.”

Pressmatic will be renamed “Local by Flywheel” and will be offered for free to the public. The application was previously available for $129.

The application’s creator Clay Griffiths will join the Flywheel team as a remote developer from Colorado Springs.

“Clay is a phenomenal developer and a leader in the WordPress community,” said Davidson. “He has a long history in the WordPress space.”

Griffiths plans to continue to develop the application, including a Windows version.

“I’m incredibly excited to join the Flywheel family,” said Griffiths in a press release. “And I can’t wait to see Local grow and improve with all the support, resources, and talent available to it at Flywheel.”

According to Davidson, Flywheel will reach 75 employees by the end of this year, up from 30 at the start of 2016. The platform now serves over 50,000 clients worldwide.


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