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Omaha Data Science Academy launched by Interface, Contemporary Analysis [Updated]

Interface Web School’s Shonna Dorsey and Contemporary Analysis’ Nathan Watson.

In December the first cohort of six students completed their four month program in the Omaha Data Science Academy, a partnership between Interface Web School and Contemporary Analysis.

Already 4 of 6 students have been placed in new jobs based on their training through the program. [Update: An earlier version of this story said 5 of 6 students were placed in new jobs.]

The program focuses on four modules: Foundations of Python Programming, Data Manipulation and Management, Statistics and Computational Modeling and Data Visualization.

The modules are led by four instructors who work full-time in the data science field.

Students who complete all four modules receive a certificate of Fundamentals of Data Science.

For eligable students, the Nebraska CONNECT Grant will fund tuition 100%. The CONNECT grant provides workforce training in the IT field for unemployed and underemployed individuals.

The next cohort begins January 23. According to Watson, 6 of 10 slots have already been filled for the program. If you are interested in applying for the program, visit the course page at Interface Web School.

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