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Infotec impressed attendees with speakers and hands-on experiences

Approximately 1000 professionals from across the region attended Omaha’s annual Infotec conference on Tuesday.

Infotec was started by the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) in 1973 as a hardware trade show for IT enthusiasts, and was acquired by AIM eight years ago.

The annual event has grown over the years to feature speakers, networking events and training workshops. Things like 3-D printers, robots and Google home were also on display in the TryIt Zone which gave attendees hands-on demos of consumer tech gadgets.

This year also featured a sold out ScrumMaster training course that certified participants as masters of the Scrum framework and the underlying Agile principles, practices, techniques.

“Scrum forces you to look your problems in the face everyday,” said certified Scrum Coach, Bob Hartman.

Event speaker Jim Collison, director of talent resourcing at Gallup, gave a presentation on navigating the challenges of podcast marketing within an enterprise that was a hit with attendees on social media.

“Give your audience what they need, how they want it and don’t be afraid to change,” said Collison.

He covered several topics including why Facebook’s built-in audience matters and what the future of podcasting looks like.

“Always be marketing… for everything that you do,” Collison reminded attendees.

Not just an event for big businesses and tech professionals, the event also targeted startups with workshops from Brian Ardinger on what enterprises can learn from startups, and a data science panel featuring Kelly Burdine, Data Analyst Lead at Hudl,

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