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18 eCommerce Startup Pitfalls to Avoid

Visiture, a company focused on helping eCommerce businesses acquire more customers through using search engines such as Google, knows the common pitfalls that eCommerce startups run into.

“We work with a lot of startups in the eCommerce space or startups serving the eCommerce space. We help them grow their businesses through acquiring customers,” Visiture Co-founder and CEO Ron Dod.

Through a collaboration with eComdash, Visiture took their expertise in helping startups and created their list of the top 18 pitfalls to avoid.

“There are hundreds more but these are the most prevalent we have found in our experience,” said Dod.

The team at Visiture compiled their list into the infographic below. They’re sharing their graphic far and wide to help smooth the way for startups.

18 eCommerce Startup Pitfalls to Avoid eComdash and Visiture

To read the complete article, visit the Visiture website.

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