Fourstarzz Media launches influencer marketing Campaign Designer tool


This morning, Lincoln-based Fourstarzz Media, the world’s first influencer marketing service aggregator, announced the launch of their Campaign Designer, a first-of-its-kind automated tool that calculates an optimal influencer marketing campaign for a product or service.

“When we talk to our customers, a lot of them have never heard of influencer marketing,” said Dennis Doerfl, Fourstarzz Media Co-Founder. “They don’t know how to make [campaigns] happen––what they need to think about and the first steps.”

Fourstarzz Media company connects marketers with elite influencer networks and technology service providers. The new Campaign Designer tool works alongside Fourstarzzz Media’s influencer marketing search engine and services.

Clients wanting to build an influencer marketing campaign answer a few basic questions about their campaign variables such as campaign objectives, available budget, product category, targeted geography, gender and age group.

An algorithm generates a campaign plan in seconds. The proposal provides guidance on the social channels to be chosen, content type, publication tactics, and even estimated campaign results, such as expected reach, engagement rate and return on investment.

“It’s not a standard [report], it’s really tailored to each marketer’s needs,” said Doerfl. “The Campaign Designer is automating what is now done in a manual fashion when you plan for an influencer marketing campaign.”

Sample report from Fourstarzz Media’s Campaign Designer

As a key feature, the Campaign Designer provides interested brands and agencies with a list of hand-picked social media influencers, selected by the proprietary Fourstarzz Media algorithm and matching the individual campaign requirements.

“With the launch of the Campaign Designer, we continue to follow the voices of our customers and deliver on our promise that ‘getting started with influencer marketing has never been easier,’” said Daniel Troesch, Fourstarzz Media Co-Founder. “Our technology team did an outstanding job developing a campaign design algorithm that meets the needs of today’s marketers tapping into influencer marketing.”

Doerfl said data shows that 70% of all marketers would like to try out an influencer marketing campaign but they don’t necessarily know how to. Fourstarzz Media wants to solve that problem.

“Investments are lagging behind the intent,” said Doerfl. “We want to try to close that gap from intent to actual impact.”

Anyone can use the tool to input their campaign specs and see a partial report for their proposed campaign. Full reports can be obtained by signing up for a free 7-day trial.

Visit Fourstarzz Media to try out the Campaign Designer and find out more about influencer marketing.

Christine McGuigan is the Associate Editor of Silicon Prairie News.



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