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Should you register for an HDC workshop? Don’t Panic Labs weighs in

AIM HDC (Heartland Developers Conference) is a 3-day software development event on September 6-8, 2017 for tech professionals, consisting of hands-on workshops, keynotes and other speakers, breakout sessions and networking events. Attendees learn from national industry experts plus regional and local leaders, who share the latest knowledge and demonstrate new techniques.

SPN caught up with Chad Michel, Software Architect at Don’t Panic Labs, to get his take on who should consider attending a few of the HDC workshops.


A Radical Introduction to UX Design

Targeted at software professionals who are new to design or mostly self-taught, this fast-paced, hands-on workshop presents the essentials of UX design. Participants work together in teams to design a simple mobile app by applying efficient, practical user-centered tools and techniques.

The twist: This workshop assumes less-than-ideal circumstances (very little time), and that you will need to persuade your team, managers, and clients to accept your design ideas—with something other than personal opinion.

Chad’s Take: This talk could be useful regardless of the stage of your application. New or legacy applications can make use of better user experience. But not everyone is going to work on the user interface. Some developers are more backend, and those developers should probably look to other workshops.

“A Radical Introduction to UX Design” would be useful for startups. Almost all startups can benefit from better UX.

Data Science Fundamentals

Data scientists are increasingly taking a central role in business innovation, strategy, and the decision-making process. What makes a data scientist uniquely valuable is their ability to interact with data, gain insight, and communicate useful business intelligence to others. One very powerful tool of the trade is R statistical computing software.

During the workshop, participants will gain hands on experience with the statistical tools frequently used by data scientists. Using tangible business examples, we will explore data visually and begin with some descriptive statistics and linear modeling concepts. From there the course will progress into more advanced multiple linear models, logistic regression, bootstrapping, simulation, and validation.

Chad’s Take: This talk will be great for anyone that accesses a lot of data. This could be legacy or greenfield applications. Probably be reading to bring your statistical mind.

“Data Science Fundamentals” would be useful for any startup that will deal with a lot of data.

Fundamentals of React & Redux

Bring your laptop and come prepared to learn for this deep dive on React and component based architecture.

Together, through a series of short lessons, assisted workshops, and “live coding,” we’ll create a fully-functional React application, all the while learning best practices and tips and tricks along the way. You will leave with a working understanding of React and React concepts, as well as various related concepts of the modern front-end ecosystem, such as unit testing, build tooling, and Javascript itself.

This 3.5 hour workshop is led by Object Partners consultants that have been building JavaScript applications for a number of years and love working with the latest and greatest front-end frameworks like React, Redux, ES6, and Webpack to deliver solutions for clients across many industries here in the midwest and beyond.

Chad’s Take: This talk will obviously focus on the front end. Probably greenfield is more applicable here. If you are wanting an overview of learning React and component based UI development check this talk out.

Understanding Blockchain

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is well known even outside of technology spheres of influence. Underlying Bitcoin however is Blockchain – a distributed ledger with some very special properties. These properties make Blockchain an ideal data store for all variety of applications, not just financial records. This workshop, half lecture and half interactive hands-on, is designed to help you understand blockchain, and how to use it in your business.

Chad’s Take: Blockchain is the on the hot concepts in software today. It has a huge potential for storing data in a distributed manner. People working on legacy applications or new application s will probably benefit from this.

Event Information

AIM HDC (Heartland Developers Conference)
September 6-8, 2017
Embassy Suites Conference Center
La Vista, NE

Click here for more information.


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