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AgriSync announces capital raise to propel company growth

Waukee, Iowa-based AgriSync, Inc. announced on Thursday the raise of seed funding from venture investors. The raise will support the Agtech firm’s plans for future growth.

The raise was led by Innova Memphis via its Innova Ag Innovation Fund IV, a USDA Rural Business Investment Program licensed fund with several Farm Credit Banks as limited partners.

Innovation in Motion (iiM), Innovative Livestock Services, Ag Ventures Alliance, Twelve 19 Ventures, Farm Journal and others joined the round.

“We are thrilled with the investor response we received and how this additional capital will enable us to expand our marketing, sales and product enhancement efforts,” said Casey Niemann, AgriSync’s President and CEO. “Our early customer growth has been significant in the equipment, precision agriculture and agronomy service contexts and with emerging firms using world class service innovation to drive product adoption.”

AgriSync is a software provider for agriculture experts to deliver support and knowledge to the modern farmer.

“We are fortunate to have AgriSync subscribers in several countries,” said Niemann. “We will continue to focus on expanding our position as an integral element of our clients’ farmer service and support solutions, providing an almost immediate payback to them and the farm operations they support.”

Today’s farmers rely heavily on a network of trusted agribusiness consultants for help adopting and implementing new technologies, practices, and biological advancements.

The AgriSync team believes those relationships matter now more than ever and is committed to helping them reach their full potential.

AgriSync also announced that Innova Partner Dean Didato will be joining the company’s board of directors. Other directors include Lee Borck, Chairman of Innovative Livestock Services, and Niemann.

“The AgriSync founding team is addressing a key success factor under-appreciated by casual observers — the critical role effective service, support and expertise plays in farming today,” said Didato. “We continue to be impressed by the team’s laser focus, their ability to develop and rollout software with capital efficiency, and the loyal customer base they are building.”

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